Who’s better between these two girls should be obvious.

Greta Thunberg receive so much media exposure and attention for skipping class for the environment. And I’m one of those who mean that school is not doing good enough job educating kids how to save our planet.

But Greta receiving all these recognition is wrong!

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Education is important thing yet by staying out of school for the environment is stupid.

Greta fans argue that I shouldn’t be hard on her because she’s only 16.

If she’s receiving all these supports and becoming world famous because of her age then…

Alyssa Carson should have received equal or even greater support from the public.

Alyssa Carson is doing something better for the environment. And she does it the smart way.

Alyssa Carson is one of those people who inspire kids in the right direction and deserved more attention but I doubt that the majority of Earth’s population has heard of her. But Greta? She’s just a parrot who repeats the same bullshit many of her predecessor has spouted. To save Earth we need more kids like Alyssa not Greta.

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