Art Gallery

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The images in this gallery are in low resolution. Originally, all the motifs are in resolution 300 dpi, and with an area of about 6000 square cm. They all can be printed in all sizes up to full wall size. If it seems that the colors have too much saturation, please check your screen settings, this is especially seen on tablet and mobile screens.

For an optimal gallery experience, use a desktop screen or monitor with the correct color setting. Select full screen, click a thumbnail to choose where to start and scroll to adjust the size of each art and title. To navigate between the art, use the side arrows, or in the main gallery (not room examples), use the button in the lower right corner for visual overview. Click esc. to exit the slideshow, or alternatively the upper yellow line (x) in the room examples.

Here are examples of how you can bring the universe into your rooms