Skaff deg boken nå! Papirbok Kindle I årevis har menneskene slitt med å finne ut av hvordan vi kan hjelpe Jordens miljø. De har i praksis gjort nesten alt som er mulig. Fremdeles verner de hva enn det måtte være, noen ofrer til og med deres hobbyer, bare for å bli de gode borgerne som bryr seg. De aktiverer seg i grupper og samfunn og donerer store summer til organisasjoner som leter etter en vei for å bevare vår kjære planet. Men i alle disse år, den enkleste og mest effektive løsningen har aldri blitt nevnt. Den har alltid vært der, men ingen later tilRead More →

Get your copy now! Print Kindle For years, humans have been fighting to find a way to help Earth’s environment. They practically did almost everything possible. Still saving whatever they can, some even sacrifice their own hobbies just to be that good citizen who cares. They actively join groups and community and donate large sums to organization that are searching for a way to save our beloved planet. But all these years the most simple and most effective solution had never been mention. It had always been there, but no one seems to see it.  Mr. Nobrain and The Environment take up this topic. ThisRead More →

Greta Thunberg receive so much media exposure and attention for skipping class for the environment. And I’m one of those who mean that school is not doing good enough job educating kids how to save our planet. But Greta receiving all these recognition is wrong! Education is important thing yet by staying out of school for the environment is stupid. Greta fans argue that I shouldn’t be hard on her because she’s only 16. If she’s receiving all these supports and becoming world famous because of her age then… Alyssa Carson should have received equal or even greater support from the public. Alyssa Carson isRead More →

I think we can pass all this year without seeing any kind of special celebration of this hugely important event for mankind in 1969. Most people have no idea that this year is half a century since man for the first time stroll on the lunar surface, while more and more people doubt that it happened at all. In our time the US and other nations are planning yet another manned moon journey, as if there was new of the date, and something immensely stunning. Mankind has no shame. The image here, is a tie-illustration made for the British Interplanetary Society by Astro Art artistRead More →

[a poem by Jessica E. Larsen] We’ve travel far You and I In this planet That’s one of a kind Two moons Two stars Earth sure is far I’ll go wherever Because this beauty Can you only be lovely When you’re with me Standing with you In this moon Warm inside but Bath in blue We’re reached quite a distance Yet we still see Eye to eye Listen to me whisper Home is where you are Thanks for the valentine Ring that hang in the sky Thank you my beloved Jessica for this wonderful poem. I love it so much! It’s a perfect first postRead More →