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It all started after a rainy summer night in the early 1960s. A young 4 years old boy strolled in the woods and spotted an illustrated science book among shrubs and grass. It was soaked with mud and water. Just a few pages about the era of the dinosaurs, and the last part about astronomy were readable. The boy bent down on his knees, blowing through the wet pages, and became very fascinated by an illustration of the sun. He could already read a little and he absorbed every word. When he later came home with the wet dripping book and told his mother about solar prominence, corona, and the umbra and penumbra to the sunspots, it was only him who understood that language.

That lucky boy was me. Lucky to get an interest for a lifetime, which was not much offered to young people. My studies become even more fascinating when I saw astroart by David A Hardy. He became my great inspiration, especially later in life through the book the Challenge of the Stars. I aspired to create such images, but I was not much optimistic about the possibilities of marketing such art. Instead, I chose to use my artistic talents on graphic services for advertisement, but now after many years, I feel that astronomic art should be my passion in terms of art, where I feel more at home.

In addition to dreaming of a reality that we are not yet fond of experiencing, creating astronomic art is a way for me to inspire others to learn more about the landscape beyond our cosmic home, the Earth. The knowledge of reality beyond the earth’s atmosphere is terrifyingly low, but by using images, every astronomic artist makes an important aid for humanity.

I wrote the book “Mr. Nobrain and the Environment” with the intention to help contribute to saving our beloved planet without sacrificing our quality of life.

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